We have divided our OPT in 3 types of public subscriptions. All of them include the full OPT TakeOff/Landing Dispatch/Landing Enroute/Weight and Balance calculations. This means that you will get exactly the same results. The difference lies in the additional functionalities and the maximum allowed calculations..

To choose the perfect subscription for you, you will have to define your needs and you are obviously the one who knows what they are.

Here are some additional guidances:

  • OPT Lite: was designed for beginners and intermediates virtual pilots who fly occasionally on the weekends and who are not willing to spend a lot of money for the OPT.
  • OPT: was designed to meet the average needs for virtual pilots who fly on a regular basis.
  • OPT Pro: was designed for hardcore virtual pilots and for educational purposes. The calculation limit is extremely high and the version includes some very advanced features.

Try out our Demo before buying!

You cannot downgrade your subscription as we don't do refunds.

You can upgrade your subscription with a small additional fee to cover ours for this new transaction. This is why it is very important that you choose carefully your subscription before buying. We are here to assist you if required.

We have decided to open our calculation core to third-party developers. This means you can use your API key in any approved tool and use your subscription in their system without any additional cost. Due to this system, we cannot check your IP address or your Hardware ID. To avoid piracy, we have decided to limit the allowed calculations in a way that it would be totally transparent to a regular user.

We are willing to adapt any limitation if it is statistically necessary.

You can follow your usage statistics in the EFB settings.

The core checks the calculations made during the last 30 days. If you have reached your limits, you will probably get some new calculations within a day or so.

You can also buy some additional calculations that remains valid for all current and future subscriptions. This could be very usefull if you are close to the limit on a regular basis.

Each subscription includes some additional calculations in order for you to familiarize with the OPT.

Some tips:

  • Choose your subscription carefully. Don't bet on a too tight subscription. Chances are high that you will either lose money over time or hate having to restrict your usage.
  • When you are practicing your OPT skills, use the Demo Version. This could easily save dozens of calculations.
  • Think before you press "Calculate". Often a good knowledge and understanding requires 3 or 4 times less calculations.

Yes. Our policy does not prevent you from sharing your account with a friend . You are not restricted by hardware or simultaneous usage.

Your only limitation is the number of calculations linked to your subscription.

This means that you are free to share the cost of a higher subscription as long as you stay within the prescribed limitations.

However, keep in mind that the EFB was not developped to handle multiple profiles. Only one name and one Simbrief ID can be used.


An API Key is a unique chain of characters that identifies your account.

You can easily use your subscription on any approved third-party tool by simply copying it in their system.

No, unless using an approved third-party tool.

The API Key identifies your account. Someone in posession of your API Key could potentially use your subscription.

Check our approved third-party developpers in your Settings API Key

Each developper gets a developper key after the presentation of their project and our approval.

This means we take full responsability in case of fraud from that particular developper. Would a problem arise regarding your API Key, you can follow our guide for stolen keys and contact us as soon as possible.

Contact us as soon as possible!

We will immediately lock your API Key and start an investigation during which your account won't be usable for a short period of time.

If this is your first time or it is proven that a third-party is leaking our customers' Key, you will get a new one and a reset of your limitation. We could also proceed with the discontuinity of service compensation.

If after investigation we realize that you have intentionally shared your API Key or this happens on a regular basis, we could take sanctions up to and including banishment without refund.

Discontinuity of service

Do not panic!

The computer environment is something very complex as there are so many things happening at the same time and a single error could affect the rest of the system.

This is therefore also true for our OPT.

Most of the errors can be resolved by refreshing the page, or in the worst case logging out then back in. If the error persists, please contact us.

We value our customers rights.

Users should not be paying for the mistakes of others. Would we ever have any issues that prevents you from getting access to our OPT, we will extend your subscription accordingly.

Minimum one extra day of subscription from one hour of discontuinity, then one extra day per day of discontuinity.

Future plans and Aircrafts


Adding a single aircraft variant takes approximatively 1 month because of the tons of data we are using to make our calculations extremely precise. This means that adding a new subscription will require about 4-5 months. We are planning to gradually add all Boeing's aircraft.

Probably the B737-700 variants due to the release of the new PMDG B737-700.

Our planning will depend upon the community demands. The B737-MAX8, the B747 or the B777 could potentially be next in line.

No. Each group of aircraft will have their own subscription because of the amount of work required to add it.

If you are regularly flying with more than one type of aircraft, you will be able to purchase packages at reduced prices.